Tuesday, November 24, 2009

t minus two days

Whole Foods: check! Heinen's: check! Bathroom touch-up paint: check!

I have everything I need for Turkey Day, except for prosciutto and fresh baguettes. Oh, and a clean house. Both will have to be done on Wednesday.

It was surprising to see how many people already had wild Thanksgiving looks on their faces at the stores today. Granted, there was no elbowing for the good-looking turkey breasts I picked up this evening, but I did feel like I had to push my way through the baking aisle. I can't imagine whose knees I'll have to take out to get the bread tomorrow.

For now, however, I'm softening some ancho peppers in hot water, preparing to brine my turkey breasts and do some make-ahead steps on the ancho-butter broccoli. I'm new to this ancho scene, so these dishes should be interesting.

Please just remind me not to rub my eyes too soon after cutting the peppers: I pulled that mistake the first time I played with habaneros. (Shudder.) One of these days I'll wise up and get some gloves.

For now, where's that brining bag....?