Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to Host Your First Thanksgiving: Part II

Mockups in hand, we picked up some wall décor, but only one thing made it to our house and on the walls in time for Thursday’s feast. While we bought a round mirror for the living room and a few other pieces to hang, things just weren’t quite right. So, we held off.

Except for one thing: my favorite print.

Have I admitted to my Etsy addiction? Diana pointed me to Etsy a few years ago as an awesome spot for handmade goods. (And when I say ‘awesome’ it’s because I can’t think of more awesome terms for awesome.) It’s been a torrid love affair ever since. In fact, I’ve probably spent several days of my life trolling Etsy and finding about a zillion perfect handmade things for every part of my life.

The latest find was this print by dazeychic, who’s one of my favorite Etsy artists. I check her page often and am always tickled by her work. But when I saw this print, I instantly bought it. And how perfect:
art print by dazeychicWhile it didn’t necessarily match the plum accents I wanted to draw into the living room or the warm colors I had tried to pull into the kitchen, I knew my French fry print would find its place in my home. Even if it did take a while.

In fact, I first hung the print in the kitchen, but it just wasn’t quite right. Cute, but not quite right. So, I leaned it against the new bench I bought for the living room (the wall had been scouted for a bookcase, but we went with additional seating for the holidays) and waited for inspiration.

The inspiration popped up on Wednesday night. I was looking at our bare walls as I prepped for Thursday’s big event. It didn’t bother me that my home wouldn’t be perfect for first visits, but I felt like something on the wall would make a big difference. And there was my French fry staring my down.

I grabbed a picture hanger and pounded it in an eyeballed center of the side wall. I hung up my French fry and looked pretty darn cute:

French fry and benchSo, I kept it there (the frame on the bench shouldn't actually be there). I’m not sure that it’s the final hanging place for such a happy print, but it garnered much attention. I think I get plenty of odd looks for most of my decorating decisions. But how could you think to look askance at a bird and a French fry? I can’t even begin to guess how one could.